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In this video, you’re going to learn what makes a good singer scientifically and I’m going to answer the question, ‘Are good singers born or created?’

Welcome to my channel, Learn To Sing Better, my name is Randy Rope.

In a moment I’m going to show you genetically, what makes a good singer help you know if good singers are made or born.

And if you stay with me all the way, I’m also going to reveal the genetic code that can make you more than a good singer, but a great one.

The concept of a good singer is really subjective and based on sounds a person likes or doesn’t like.

Some might think that your sound makes you an amazing singer, while others may consider you a mediocre singer.

There is science behind how to identify good singers based on how your body is built.

Just because scientifically, you might be a good singer, doesn’t automatically guarantee that you will be the next celebrity singer.

And, if based on science and genetics, you don’t have the perfect setup for a great voice, doesn’t mean you can’t improve to have a very good voice.

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Scientifically or you can look at this genetically, you are born with certain oratory ‘piping’.

This ‘piping’ helps you sound a certain way when you speak, which also translates into how you sound when you sing the words that come out of your mouth.

The main scientific component that determines your singing ability is genetics.

Scientifically, if you come from a family or great vocal cords, you have an edge over the singer who taught themselves.

Being born into a singing family means that you’ve probably inherited all the necessary attributes to be a good singer.

You also have very talented people to learn from and get motivation from.

However, being born into a singing family is no guarantee of great singing ability.

There are people born to a family of singers and they still can not sing, even if they take lessons.

Genetics determines certain characteristics that help a person have a great or mediocre voice.

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Your vocal cords, vocal range, pitch, the strength of your voice, breathing abilities, your ability to carry a tune, and the size of your mouth all factor into your singing ability.

Vocal cords are the biggest difference between good and bad singers.

Your ability to use them is a bigger factor and can be improved through practice and selecting songs that fit your vocal cords.

Singers with short vocal cords usually have deeper voices and should sing songs with lower notes to sound their best.

On the other hand, singers with longer vocal cords often have higher-pitched voices and should select songs with higher notes.

The size of your mouth can make you a better singer.

There are plenty of people with big mouths and can not sing at all.

But, logically the bigger your mouth, the better of a singer you can be.

Having a big mouth truly allows for easier and better singing.

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There is an age-old saying “big mouth, better singer” which in most cases is true.

Gender does determine singing ability because of voice changes.

Men and women are not the same when it comes to how good of a singer they can become.

Male singers tend to have a baritone voice, whereas female singers usually have a tenor sound.

Women tend to keep their tenor sound, but men start out as tenors, but their voice changes to baritone or bass because of puberty.

When women try to sing with a bass or baritone voice, this rarely works out well for them.

In closing, even if someone is scientifically considered a good singer that doesn’t mean that they will actually become a successful singer.

It simply means that they do possess the right qualities to be a good singer if they get the proper training.

The music industry is always shifting and adapting to new trends.

What makes somebody scientifically a good singer, is not always what is trending at the moment.

Randy Rope
Randy Rope

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