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In this video, I’m going to show you how to learn to sing at home without a teacher (And Move At Your Pace).

Welcome to my channel, Learn To Sing Better, my name is Randy Rope.

In a moment I’m going to reveal how to learn singing at home without a teacher so you can move at your own pace.

And if you stay with me all the way, I’m also going to reveal why free singing lesson videos are helpful, but getting a singing system you pay for is always best.

Private singing lessons are expensive so I understand why you may not want to hire a singing teacher.

Although I believe that online singing lessons are the best way to improve your voice, you can improve your singing without a teacher.

You can use YouTube, blogs, and even online singing lessons to improve your voice, pitch, tone, and projection.

If you can’t afford private lessons (or just don’t want to spend the money), teaching yourself to sing is one of the best ways to get started.

Many people have taught themselves to sing better without a teacher.

The best way to get started is to learn correct singing techniques by improving your singing foundation.

Once you master the foundations I give you, you should see a dramatic improvement in your singing abilities.

There are 5 foundational steps you can follow to start teaching yourself to sing.

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Step #1: Having The Right Posture Helps You Sing Better

When you fix your posture, you will sing better almost automatically without even using a teacher.

Many singers have seen their voices improve immediately just by fixing their bad posture while singing.

If your vocal tone and power are not where you want them to be, start by standing tall as you sing.

The ‘Tall Posture’ is the correct posture for singing to have the best sound and power.

Having a tall posture means that you keep your body in good alignment so you sound your best.

Remember when your parents said, ‘Stand up straight when you speak?’

Standing straight when you sing will also make your sound better and with more power.

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Step #2: Correct Breath Support Turns Bad Singers Into Better Singers

Breath support is a vocal technique most singing teachers spend most of their time teaching.

But breathe support is really easy to master to improve your vocal power.

The correct way to breathe while singing is called ‘Diaphragmatic Breathing’.

When you sing from your diaphragm, you are singing from your stomach, and not from your chest or shoulders.

By breathing from your stomach and diaphragm, it makes for more efficient breathing.

The result is a more powerful sound as you sing.

This also builds your confidence and makes you look more confident on stage.

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Step #3: Learn To Sing on Pitch In Order To Sound Your Best

Within seconds of opening your mouth to sing, most people can hear if you’re on pitch or not.

Teaching yourself to sing on pitch can be pretty difficult to do on your own without a second ear to give you guidance.

In order to sing on pitch, you need feedback about whether you’re on the note or not.

A pitch app like ‘Vocal Pitch Monitor’ or OnPitch can tell you if you hit the note correctly.

Use the digital read-out on these devices to help you self-correct.

Get a pitch app to give you the right feedback so you start to sing on pitch.

The pitch app replaces the feedback you would get from an in-person teacher.

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Step #4: Learn to Project Your Voice So That Your Words are Felt

If nobody can hear you, it doesn’t matter how good your voice sounds.

Projecting your voice is the most important thing to master when you’re teaching yourself to sing.

It only takes a few simple vocal techniques for you to build volume in your voice.

The best way to learn to project your voice is to use the power of your speaking voice when you sing.

1. Take a phrase out of a song that you want to sing with more power.

2. Pretend that you need the people in the far rear of the stage to hear you and say the words of that phrase out loud.

3. Now, go back to the lyrics and “speak-sing” the words on pitch with the same feeling that you just spoke them.

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Step #5: Practice Your Vocals By Singing in Chest Voice.

Chest voice and head voice are confusing terms when you first start singing.

It’s often difficult to know if you’re singing in chest or head voice correctly when you don’t have a teacher.

But, chest and head voice are very important in helping you sing better and sound your best on-stage.

Let me give you one big pointer on how to sing in chest voice.

Place your hand on your chest and say your name out loud at a strong, projected volume.

Practice this over and over again to build your chest voice.

Is it possible to sing well without taking voice lessons online or in-person with the teacher?

To be honest with you, although free videos and blog posts can help you become a better sing, a full instructional program is always best.

The problem with free videos is that you only get small tips here and there, but you never get the full picture.

If you want to take your singing to a level that gets you praises

Randy Rope
Randy Rope

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