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In this video, you’re going to learn about foods to improve singing voice, if you want a Hollywood sound.

Welcome to my channel, Learn To Sing Better, my name is Randy Rope.

In a moment I’m going to show you a few foods to improve your singing voice so that you sound your best on stage.

And if you stay with me all the way, I’m also going to reveal foods that destroy your singing voice and make you sound terrible on stage.

Singing is really a full-body workout.

Muscle movements and contractions in your mouth, throat, diaphragm, and even in your arms, hands, and knees in a very controlled way.

Although these movements are not on a large scale like jogging or doing sit-ups, you still want to make sure that your voice and body are in shape for you to sing your best.

This applies especially if you’re on the road for weeks.

You already know that your body requires food to perform any physical function.

And singing is most definitely a physical activity that requires fuel.

But which foods are going to help you sing your best and make you feel the most comfortable on stage?

Fresh food is always better for your voice and your body than processed food.

So, anytime you can grab fresh fruits or veggies, go for it.


Fresh fruit is better than fruit juices

Make sure you grab an orange or apple before you guzzle down their juiced versions.

Whole fruits have more essential nutritional value than juices.

Make sure that you chew your fruit because they contain fiber, vitamins, and more good stuff that helps your body absorb it all better.

Juices have more sugar and water than nutritional value, so they go straight into your bloodstream and make you feel tired.

This is NOT how you want to feel just before you walk on stage.

Strawberries are great for your throat.

Celery relaxes your nerves and helps you stay calm.

Watermelon and melons of any kind are super great because they hydrate your voice.

Try popping some chunks of cantaloupe (or other melons) into a glass of water for added flavor and hydration.

Chicken is packed with protein to give you energy.

Protein is essential for singers because it fills you up, and gives you the energy to sing for a long time.

Lean chicken burns longer and keeps your vocal cords from being overwhelmed with fat and oils.

Fish is packed with protein like chicken, but it’s cleaner meat.

It’s also a leaner source of protein than chicken.

It’s best to bake or broil fish in the oven.

This allows you to use less oil than frying.

While your fish is cooking, you have time to prepare fresh veggies on the side.


Raw Honey soothes your throat.

A small spoonful of raw honey in water or decaf tea helps to coat and soothe your throat so you sing better.

It’s nice to have some first thing in the morning on show day.

And it’s great in water or deface tea at night after your performance.

Honey is still mostly sugar, so don’t go too crazy with it to avoid mucus build-up in your throat.

It’s doubly good at preventing and soothing vocal strain.

Plus, it has antibacterial qualities, so it helps to keep those nasty, sore-throat bugs away.

Decaf teas containing licorice root are best for your singing voice.

Drink herbal teas (but not green tea) with some good quality Manuka honey for sweetener or lemon for a zesty kick.

According to many singers, this actually helps improve your voice better than anything thing else.

The licorice root creates a protective layer over your throat tissues.

This prevents irritation in your mucus membranes, which can impact your singing voice.

Vocally, this combo gives you a lot of flexibility and it also enhances your voice.

Make the tea hot, then cool it down to room temperature with 1 or 2 ice cubes before you drink it.


Room temperature water is critical for staying hydrated while singing.

This one is often overlooked by singers because it seems boring.

Room temperature water might not taste the best at first, but it’s an acquired taste worth having, for your voice’s sake.

Staying hydrated is critical as you sing.

Room temperature water does not constrict your vocal cords as ice water does.

A few gulps of water before your first song will not be enough to help you sound your best.

Start your water intake the day before your show, all day long.

You know that you’re fully hydrated when your urine is clear.

Strive for no yellow when you go.

Now it’s time to take about the foods you should avoid if you want a voice that gets you praises when you step off the stage.


There are a few foods that truly help your vocal cords.

Most foods restrict your singing abilities.

The list of bad foods is so large, that I picked out the most common vocal cord villains.

Stay away from these foods at least 24-hours before you perform.

Chocolate is a triple villain you want to avoid.

It contains caffeine and it will dry out and constrict the muscles around your vocal cords.

It’s also an acid reflux trigger with lots of sugar, which causes mucus buildup in your throat.

Wait until after the show to eat this rich treat.

Fried foods will gunk up your vocal cords.

Forget about hitting those high notes when you have grease on your vocal cords.

Anything deep-fried or prepared in oil will plaster your vocal cords with yucky fat.

Fried food can give you heartburn and indigestion that gets triggered on stage.

Butter is not your friend if you want a beautiful voice.

Butter is oily and will only grease up your throat, causing you to strain as you sing.

It’s a dairy product that can cause a thickening of the mucus that’s already in your throat.

Ice water might taste great, but your vocal cords will get punished.

It’s not just ice water, but drinks that are too cold (or too hot) have a negative effect on your singing.

The cold constricts the muscles in your throat.

This leads to unnecessary stress and loss of flexibility as you sing.

Randy Rope
Randy Rope

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