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In this video, you’re going to learn, “Do vocal warm ups improve singing (Or Are They A Waste Of Time?)”

Welcome to my channel, Learn To Sing Better, my name is Randy Rope.

In a moment I’m going to show why doing vocal warm-ups will improve your singing.

And if you stay with me all the way, I’m also going to reveal some of the bad things that can happen if you don’t warm up your voice before singing.

I know you wish that singing warm-ups weren’t important and that you can just start singing during practice.

Warm-ups are not the fun part of singing and can seem boring and useless.

Remember that when you sing, you’re using the vocal cords (soft tissue) and the inner muscles of the larynx (the muscles that control the closing of your cords).

You want to treat these parts with care because they’re very delicate areas.

You want to stretch and relax the surrounding muscles of your throat before you sing.

The same way you want to warm up before going for a jog or lifting weights.

Warming up loosens your singing muscles, helps to remove excess mucous, and reduces the risk of vocal cord damage.

Let me tell you that losing your voice ain’t fun and it’s scary when it happens.

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Before every singing practice, commit to at least 15 – 20 minutes to really wake up the muscles.

The perfect warm-up routine begins with gentle drills that put as little pressure on your vocal muscles as possible.

These drills will release any tension in your throat and neck.

Allow only a small amount of air should pass through your vocal cords. Humming and using lip trills are two great ways to do this and I give you samples a little later.

As you progress through your warm-up, you can introduce more airflow drills that produce sounds closer to normal singing.

These warm-up drills don’t all have to be short, simple, and repetitive.

Some can be longer and more complex to train your voice for more complicated phrases in songs.

Because these vocal drills tend to be simple, you can focus on technique.

There’s no need for you to get caught up in the lyrics or emotion of the song.

Warm-ups also smooth out your vocal breaks, releases tension, and strengthen areas of your voice.

Like other muscles in your body, you need to develop your singing muscles to work efficiently.

As your vocal muscles get stronger, so will the power in your voice will.

Vocal warm-ups also work wonders in improving your vocal range.

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Whether you’re a new or veteran singer, vocal warm-ups should be a standard part of your vocal training routine.

If you want to keep your voice in top-level shape, I want to give you 4 of the best vocal warm-ups to improve the way you sing right now.

First, let me give you some quick tips for using warm-ups to improve and preserve your voice.

Warm up your singing voice every day for at least ten minutes.

Always practice vocal warm-ups before a stage show or studio session. Now, for a few quick vocal warm-up examples.

Lip trills are an excellent exercise for practicing exhaling endurance.

Tongue trills are similar to lip trills except here you will be using air to vibrate your tongue instead of your lips.

Humming is a gentle way of working your vocal cords and vocal folds without overexerting your voice.

The siren is a great low-impact voice exercise that will not overstretch your muscles when you sing.

When you sing with a “cold” voice (meaning not warmed up) you may not hit those high notes.

And, if you strain your voice to try, this may lead to the development of polyps.

Polyps are “bumps” that form in your throat, restricting your ability to sing, and hard to get rid of.

If you continue singing with a cold voice for a long period of time, you may require surgery to enable you to sing again.

Randy Rope
Randy Rope

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