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In this video, you’re going to learn if you can teach yourself to sing if you can’t sing (The Honest Truth)!

Welcome to my channel, Learn To Sing Better, my name is Randy Rope.

In a moment I’m going to tell you the truth about if you can teach yourself to sing if you can’t sing.

And if you stay with me all the way, I’m also going to reveal if it’s too late to learn to sing if you didn’t start singing as a child.

It’s been reported that 97% of people can learn to sing, even if they think that they can’t sing.

This seems like a shockingly large number of people who could be singers.

There are many people who simply can’t hold a tune, yet try to sing anyway.

They blast out wrong notes apparently clueless to the unmusical sounds that they make.

You might be one of these people, but you’re certainly not the only one.

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So, if 97% of people CAN sing, then how is it possible that 3% of people truly CANNOT sing?

Well, society simply abandons people who can’t immediately and naturally carry a tune.

Many a school teacher and parent have heard a child singing out of tune and gently (sometimes not so gently) steered them away from ever singing again.

The result is that a large number of people who CAN learn to sing, think that they can’t sing.

In reality, you can learn to sing if given proper training and if you select sounds your voice is best suited for.

But, there are 5 barriers to becoming a better singer that you need to be aware of.

Let’s dive into the barriers holding you back and then talk about what you can do to overcome them.

The first Barrier is having difficulty singing “in tune”

Singing ‘in tune’ means actually singing the notes you mean to sing.

The second Barrier is a lack of confidence to sing, especially in front of strangers.

Maybe you’re happy to sing in private, but terrified to be heard on stage with eyes piercing your soul.

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The third Barrier is truly having a bad voice that makes toes curl.

This is closely related to poor pitch and tone, but there are other things that make you think your voice is not good.

Barrier #4 is worrying that others will criticize and laugh at you.

The world can be a cruel place at times and those you feel who should support you may laugh or cringe.

Lack of vocal control is the 5th Barrier stopping you from singing.

Your voice may go all over the place and you find it hard to switch notes properly.

So if you’re facing one or more of these 5 Barriers, what can you do about it?

The good news is that you can learn to sing and it’s easier than you might think.

Step 1 is to check that you’re NOT Tone Deaf.

Tone deafness is a real condition that is part of a biological condition of the brain.

Have someone play two different notes on a piano.

If you are truly tone deaf, you will not be able to tell whether it was the same note or two different notes.

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Step 2 is to learn to match pitch which means that you hear a note and can sing that same note.

You can learn to match pitch with a digital tuner.

Use the digital tuner’s display to help you know whether you’re singing too high or too low.

While you sing, watch the tuner to see if your pitch is too high or too low and manually make adjustments.

Step 3 is to develop Vocal Control as you move from note to note.

This allows you to sing a whole song and stay in tune with accurate pitch throughout the song.

You can use scales and exercises to learn vocal control.

A “scale” is where you sing a series of notes, first going up in a row and then back down.

Step 4 is for you to prove that you can sing in tune in order to buildup your confidence.

Confidence is critical for singing well, so you need to see proof that you can sing in tune to build your confidence.

When you first record yourself singing, it will be hard because you won’t like the sound of your voice.

Your voice will actually sound different to you than to other people.

So, is it too late for you to learn how to sing if you can’t?

Of course not if you’re willing to put in the time to learn the skill and practice.

A good online singing program can be very helpful as well.

You don’t need some expensive singing coach when there are affordable online options.

Randy Rope
Randy Rope

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